Intimate Divine V.I.P. Retreats

For women seeking an immersive and holistic experience focused on embracing their truth, our V.I.P. retreats are designed with you in mind. Our one-of-a-kind retreats are offered in a variety of “flavors,” but what remains consistent throughout is our commitment to providing you with a safe space and caring mentors that support you through intellectual and spiritual growth for improved overall health and wellness.

DUBAI  (MARCH 26  – APRIL 1, 2023)

This retreat will be a spirit-filled and MASTERMIND empowerment experience for those women looking to elevate to their next level.

If RADICAL TRANSFORMATION, AUTHENTICITY, and SPIRITUAL ALIGNMENT in your life, career, ministry, or business sounds like the KEY ingredients you want to add to your powerful arsenal, SIGN UP for this EMPOWERMENT RETREAT. Here is the key – a change comes with deliberate intention and force!