Are You Ready to ASCEND to a LIMITLESS LIFE?

Your “Ascended” Life Starts Here

“YOUR” next level of “Ascension” is waiting for you.

Boost yourself with Radical Transformation, Spiritual Alignment, and Support in Revolution Ascension’s Academy with world-class empowerment consultant, coach, mentor, minister, retired technology executive, and thought leader Jacqueline Lulu Brown.

You will unleash the Divine Leader inside of you and “Ascend” to Your “Limitless” place.

Let’s Tap into your DIVINE FEMININE SELF and have you harness the reins of your life and walk on YOUR path of ASCENSION.

What is Revolution Ascension Academy?

Revolution Ascension Academy is a 3-month journey where women tap into their Divine Feminine Self and walk on a path of Ascension to their highest self.

How the Academy Works

The Ascension Academy gives you personal, professional, and spiritual development tools, along with a community to help you straightforwardly fulfill your purpose.

You’ll receive in-depth training modules, live video training, exclusive content, and private coaching calls. Jacqueline Lulu and her team guide you through each module.

Are you ready to become spiritually aligned with yourself in a way that allows you to show up and serve authentically in your divine purpose?


Keep reading to see everything that’s included in this world-class program.

The Ascension Academy includes:

Weekly Live Group Sessions

12 Weekly Live Video Calls (90 Minutes)

Training Materials

Orientation packet, Course Materials, and Ascension Guide delivered electronically.

Accountability Partner

An assigned accountability partner to help you stay on track and get results throughout the program.

“My Ascension” Private Facebook Group Access

“My Ascension” private Facebook group access for support, accountability, questions, feedback, and connecting with your Academy Sister Queens.


You will receive three recurring 60-minute, personalized video sessions with Jacqueline Lulu, your daesignated ASCENSION leader.

You will receive a free Kindle copy of the Amazon International Best Seller “31 Ways of Influence”, co-authored with Jacqueline Lulu and compiled by Dr. Derashay Zorn.

You Belong in The Ascension Academy if you are…

  • Excited about living your truth and Awakening to who you really are.
  • Thrilled to Discover your hidden talents, gifts, genius, brilliance, and walk in it.
  • Prepared for Transformational Healing along with radical self-forgiveness and forgiveness of others.
  • Ready for a journey to understand what “dimensional” living is and how to ascend from one dimension to the next.
  • Willing to do whatever it takes to Ascend spiritually, personally, financially, and professionally in your Divine Feminine Self
  • Frustrated with modifying who you are too satisfied others; you are looking to unmask yourself
  • Dying to show up unapologetically in your uniqueness and gifts.


Revolution Ascension Academy is a 3-month journey where women tap into their Divine Feminine Self and walk on a path of Ascension to their highest self.






PAYMENT PLAN (for 4 months)


Imagine Yourself

  • Unapologetically Showing Up in Your Divine Feminine Self and free judgment, fears, self-doubt, and past hurts.
  • Stress-free over the cares of the world because you are living a purpose-driven life.
  • Boldly obtaining your worth because you know the value you bring to the table.
  • Obtaining the results that you desire in every area of your life.
    Supported by others who believe in the authentic you.
  • Feeling connected to yourself at the deepest level and walking in your superpower more than ever.

You No Longer Have to Live A Life Of Limitations


The World needs women who SOAR 100% authentically, unapologetic, to make a difference within it. That’s why I founded the Ascension Academy…

EVERYTHING I wanted in life, a successful career, a loving, caring mate, my own business, and flourishing in ministry, I could not get from corporate America or this World’s systems. I couldn’t find anything that encompassed all I needed to ascend beyond the unspoken pain, restricted environments, and untapped potential, so I developed an Academy for women just like me, who are ready to live limitlessly.

Many remarkable women around World have chosen the Ascension Academy as their path to success in their personal, professional, and spiritual endeavors.


It doesn’t matter where you are in life, the Ascension Academy has a place for you. If you have the desire to move beyond life limitations, NOW is your time to live intentionally, create the life you always dreamed of, and impact the World.

I look forward to sharing the journey of ASCENSION with you.

I’ll See You on the Inside of the Ascension Academy

Jacqueline “LuLu” Brown



PAYMENT PLAN (for 4 months)