Revolution Ascension’s Divine Prosperous Living
The Lulu Experience

Revolution Ascension LLC is a Women’s Leadership, Empowerment, Consulting, and Coaching Firm with a definitive understanding of the differences between Consulting and Coaching.

We are not “just another women’s support movement.”

The company provides a comfortable yet radical way of helping women recognize their greatness and brilliance amid their challenges.

Clients walk away with practical solutions that bring about true transformation through our uniquely designed process of awakening, self-discovery, transformational healing, spiritual alignment, releasing authenticity, and ascension to one’s highest self.

Women are empowered to flourish in their limitless greatness; for a life filled with peace, joy, ease, grace, and flow, centered around freedom, abundance, wisdom, and, most importantly, the whisperings of their inner hearts.


Clients delve into the heart of the matter with tough conversations standing in their truth and authenticity without conforming to the status quo of society’s definition of success.

Clients learn skills that aid them in remaining authentic and genuine to themselves while successfully navigating their life.

These conversations help women identify the root of their challenges and support them in finding a more profound understanding of their Divine Feminine.

We’re for those that find great success in their career or business but also feel the heavy burden of silently carrying their “unsaid.”

These unsaid challenges are not openly discussed because of secret shame and, ultimately, the fear of revealing one’s true self.


An incredible woman is everything to everyone, yet she feels the strain of her mental, physical, and emotional neglect.

She gives until she has nothing left for herself. She forgives others but is her own harshest critic. And while she is deemed successful by societal standards, she knows in her heart that she has not reached her “limitless” abilities. The barrier between “success” and “limitless” is “unsaid.”


I will be transparent, honest, genuine, and raw for a moment.

I had it all on the outside—the great career, the house, the family, phenomenal vacations, luxury bags, and shoes to match.

Believe it or not, this was not living my best life; it was also a life filled with past hurts, being unhealed, living in constant fight-or-flight, self-worth issues, and struggling with feelings of my success not being “enough.”

Something was still missing…….. I was one of those women going through life with a constant heaviness in her heart, and I searched for answers.

I was going through the motions of being a God-centered woman of faith, but I lacked the power for deliverance to set me “FREE.”

I’m fondly known as “Lulu.” I was named Lulu after the endearing and mischievous cartoon character Little Lulu.

From a young age, I learned to suppress my feelings and what was happening to me on the inside emotionally. This was the beginning of my “unsaid.”

As I approached adult life, the other “unsaid” in my life began to manifest. Despite these challenges, my professional life thrived.

I spent over 38 years in Information Technology and Engineering. I held technical, management, and Executive Leadership roles. I traveled the world during my career while holding firm in my position as one of many strong women in my family.

And then I decided to change things up…
In 2012, my true calling and genius were burning like “fire shut up in my bones.”

Through a significant awakening, self-discovery, reclaiming my self-worth and self-forgiveness, transformational healing, and unleashing my Divine Feminine Superpowers, I began showing up as my true authentic self.

In November of 2017, I was informed that my role was being phased out, my worldwide team was broken up and transitioned into other groups, and I was being “retired.” This divine intervention allowed me to shift my focus away from corporate America. Now, I work full-time in my business and ministry.


I’m the Founder and CEO of Revolution Ascension LLC and the Executive Director & Chief Program Officer for The Way-Out Ministries INC., a non-profit corporation. I value innovation, diversity, service, individuality, and equality.

This work energizes me, pulls me forward, and ignites my soul.

This work is both my purpose and my legacy, and it’s what I want to be remembered for most.

God has blessed me with specialized knowledge, authority, and insight, and I’m often solicited to assist businesswomen in Leadership. My years of experience in and out of corporate settings have expanded us as sought-after trainers and mentors.

It is an honor to share profound words of wisdom and knowledge to help women pivot into their next level of life to become highly effective in their places of business, ministry, and community advocacy.

I’ve co-authored two award-winning books, which are now featured on Amazon. I believe my innate ability to reach people with my “Lulu” shining personality also shows up in my writing and teaching, leaving clients and readers inspired and empowered.

Bringing a high level of authenticity to clients and leaving a lasting impression from the extraordinary outcomes is a love that often has me executing philanthropy work.


My effective communication style exudes excellence as my unique gifts continue to draw women to our platforms.

5 Things You Should Know About Me

My vibrational frequency is a high energy, dynamic, and uplifting.

I’m a go-getter with a fire in my belly for prayer, transforming lives, and making a meaningful impact on others. And I’m a great storyteller. I love being a great hostess and entertainer.

I love to travel and experience the world around me.

Destinations include India, the United Kingdom, France, Australia, Dubai, Israel, Spain, and many British Islands. That said, my favorite place of all is Aruba. It’s where my husband Kevin and I were married.

I believe that we, as women, are limitless.

Here’s the truth: there are no limits to our greatness. What is that thing holding us back? It’s our “unsaid.” It’s the gate blocking our way, and we must look inside to find the key.

I embrace my crazy, wild, and (sometimes) foolish imagination.

Growing up, I was constantly called crazy, busy-body, loud, outrageous, confrontational, noisy, and disruptive. I was told that the things I believed possible were impossible. Over time, I allowed this message to diminish my outrageous dreams. But no longer. I’ve discovered that what some deemed as ‘crazy’ was, in reality, my genius

I’m driven by love.

Only the strength of love could have helped me overcome the obstacles I’ve faced in my life. It inspires, encourages, and motivates me to continue spreading Revolution Ascension’s message.