Empowering Professional Women Through Radical Awakening, Discovery, Authenticity, Transformation, and Ascension.

  • What if I told you I could teach you how to make the choices you need to make to increase your wealth?
  • What if I helped you access ways to have better relationships?
  • What if I taught you how to connect and collaborate to make effective business moves?
  • What if you learned how to increase your thinking and creative power?
  • What if you learned how to unlock your value, awaken, and accomplish your dreams?
  • What if you could learn how to attract the right mate, designed by YOUR CREATOR, DIVINE SOURCE, specifically for You?

All through something you already have  – YOUR DIVINE FEMININE POWER!

Women often show up with a deep longing for something “more,” but we can’t always identify what “more” is.

Often, we can’t identify the inner work required to achieve our dreams.

Sometimes, we wait years to discover, uncover and experience our Divine power.

I’m Jacqueline Lulu Brown, fondly known as Lulu, founder, and CEO of Revolution Ascension.

You’ve made it to this website, and I’m overjoyed to have you here at this significant time in our world.

Welcome to our sacred, safe portal for the transformation that you desire.

This transformation guides you out of the box of limitations that the world’s systems set up for you.

As you begin to color outside of the lines, break out of your current identity box and build a new aspirational identity with your brilliance and Divine superpowers, you will dramatically increase the value and power of YOU.

I’m here to take you on the journey of having a bright shining life that sings to your soul.

Doors that appeared to be close will open; those things that seemed unattainable are now within your reach.

From this moment forward, that feeling of knowing that you have yet to reach your limitless place and extraordinary dreams begins to manifest.

This is where you have wanted to be since you were a little girl.

It’s my honor to welcome you to a world where your Divine Feminine superpower and spiritual alignment are helping you make great money, do what you love, enjoy the finer things in life, and live the “Divine Prosperous Life.”

I’ll show you how to access the miracles that are available to help you live out your life in the most significant “ASCENSION” way possible.

Divine Prosperous Ascension Academy

Let’s Tap into your DIVINE FEMININE SELF and have you harness the reins of your life and walk on YOUR path of ASCENSION.

Change comes with deliberate intention and with force!

Are you ready to become spiritually aligned with yourself in a way that allows you to show up and serve authentically in your divine purpose?

90-Day Private Coaching

Ready to become free of everything you learned over the years that is holding you back?

Are you prepared to release those things that no longer serve you and step into your new path for health and wealth, strengthening your relationships and going deeply into Awakening and Discovery of YOU?

Give yourself the gift of personal transformation in 90-Day Private Coaching.

Ultimate 6 months Private Strategic Coaching

Take the giant leap, and let’s get strategic about guiding you to the ultimate destination in life that you desire and are born to have.

Beloved Queen, I’ve been where you are spiritually, mentally, and physically. I’m a guide that understands, and I will guide you with empathy and help you win. I understand how you minister to everyone else yet leave yourself to perish because of neglecting sacred self-care.

Jacqueline is a trusted coach. She has worked with several high-potential and well-positioned leaders, helping them navigate through the transition process from manager to leader to executive leadership roles within complex and demanding organizations as well as business industries. Jacqueline’s sound approach and thorough methodology are complemented by her keen insight into mid-to-high-level senior leadership dynamics. Her experience as an Executive set her apart from other coaches because of her first-hand experience. Jacqueline is genuinely invested in the success of her clients, and she maintains relationships well after the formal coaching engagements have concluded. I strongly value Jacqueline’s partnership and have the highest confidence in her ability to help our leaders develop.


  • Marissa L. Bloedoorn,

CEO TCS Consulting LLC. & Editor-in-Chief of “OWN It!” Magazine & Publishing LLC

“I could tell from my very first session Lulu was not an average coach. She uses innovative concepts with Godly principles to create a plan for your personal growth. Every session is a learning experience and I look forward to meeting with her weekly.


  • Lake Street

“Ms. Jacqueline has been my life coach for over a year. She comes with a wealth of knowledge in her area of expertise as well as life experience which she can effectively apply to your goals. Ms. Jacqueline always motivates me to take a close look at myself and gives me the extra push I need. I appreciate the time she gives me every week and I look forward to my homework assignments, which are tailored to assist me with reaching my individual goals. She has been a blessing in my life, and I am forever changed and thankful for the experience that I am having with her.”


  • Beverly Amosah

“I’ve known Jacque for 20+ years. I know her as Jacque), as we met in a professional setting. We haven’t worked together for many years but have kept in touch. I can truly say that Jacque is a hardworking, honest person with integrity, who loves life and the people she shares it with. Jacque has been one of my life’s most solid, dependable, knowledgeable, thoughtful, and consistent people. She has the ability to adapt and change to her environment to support and love the people around her without ever changing who she is. Jacque is a diamond whose light is found by those who seek it. Follow the light….she will change your life. I am so deeply thankful to have Jacque in my life. God has truly blessed me with her guidance, knowledge, light, and love. Thank you for being you, Jacque.”


  • Melissa Cody